Gauteng Track Goals (Time Standards) have been compiled to assist riders, parents and coaches with goal setting.

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Currently the level of South African Track cycling is not where it needs to be. Just winning races or setting new SA records may not be good enough.

Track cycling is the one cycling discipline where a rider can train in isolation and still know if they are going to be competitive by comparing to times standards and times set by other riders.

Time on the track practicing your actual race craft is of course also important and riders are encouraged to attend as many on track training sessions and races as possible.

This document serves as a guideline of where a rider needs to be in order to achieve their goals of being selected for Provincial, Continental Teams etc. It is not a formal SA Selection doc.

Please keep in mind that youths develop at different ages and will also drop a level or two when going up to the next age group.

Only start comparing yourself to this chart once you have spent at least 6 months training and honing your track bike skills.

Riders can test themselves against these times by simply using a Road or Time Trial bike on a flat stretch of road. Times are set from a standing start unless indicated as flying

Always consult your coach.