May it be noted that the government gazetted rules are to be read together with risk mitigation policy (guidelines) as issued by CSA.

Should any official approach an individual regarding the use of the track. Point them to the Covid file on site or contact Craig Westwood at 083 899 4233.

The use of HNP for training may resume under the following conditions and all protocols need be observed.

  1. Training at HNP under level 3 is only allowed for active Cycling SA members.
    1. All athletes are to present a valid CSA membership before going on the track.
    2. Athletes must have a printed copy of CSA Membership and ID handy at all times for inspection.
  2. All level 3 protocols are to be observed these are namely:
    1. On arrival all vehicles are to park in the Main parking area (Tarred surface just past the main gate)
    2. All entrants must present to the on-duty Safety officer a completed covid screening form and have their temperature taken and recorded.
    3. No access through the small red gate unless you have filled in a covid form and are ready to be screened. Not even to go to the bathroom.
    4. Report to screening area on the patio in front of the medical, control room:
      1. Hand in screening form.
      2. Temperature to be taken and roster signed (Bring your own pen)
      3. Pay Gate and Track levy, unless your coach is paying on your behalf or you have a HNP gate Pass.
    5. Masks must be worn at all times except by athlete who are on the track engaging in rigorous training.
    6. Social distancing of 1.5 m must be observed at all times, even when training. (Leave at least a wheel open between riders)
    7. Max 50 People in the controlled area (past the small red gate)
    8. Maximum 20 Athletes on the track at a time.
    9. Maximum group size 5 (Riders in a pace line)
    10. Groups to be split around the track, use stayers line and pursuit line as guidelines for distancing and to spread groups out.
  3. All competition is cancelled until further notice.
  4. Bookings are mandatory.
  5. Max 50 people in venue at a time.
  6. Use of HNP development or loan bikes are prohibited, unless under the guidance of a coach. Coaches to take responsibility for cleaning and sterilization of equipment before and after use.

Gauteng Track Cycling Commission