Track Cycling Commission

General communication 7 April 2021

Pilditch News

There are several riders doing training rides at Pilditch Track.

Pilditch management is looking into getting the lights at Pilditch track repaired.

On most Sunday afternoons they offer a Points Simulation training session. This is good fun and a safe way to get to know the track.

Riders need to register at Pilditch to use the track. Cost is R90.00 and you need to bring two ID photos.

Please contact Christian Duvenage at 074 707 8585 for more Pilditch info, or to be added to the Pilditch WhatsApp group and communications.


Hector Norris News

HNP League is starting this Saturday.

For those of you that do not know how Track Cycling League at Hector Norris works, it is all clearly explained on our web site under Rules. Please go and read through this page and browse the other pages if you are interested in taking up track cycling.

In a nutshell.

  • In order to race at HNP a rider needs to have attended a Track Intro session and a coach must sign off on your skills. In this session, basic track rules and etiquette that keeps us all safe is covered.
  • The League is raced in categories and not specific age groups. The goal is to have a structure of at least three track categories that race on any given league day. We have set time standards to guide riders and officials.


  • A Cat – Selected experienced riders that can ride the qualifying time. Only shoes with cleats allowed
  • B Cat Masters and Ladies – Masters and Vets not wanting to ride A Cat, Ladies that want to compete in the ladies league.
  • B Cat Youths – Other riders (Mainly U 17 and Juniors) that can ride the qualifying time. Only shoes with cleats allowed.
  • C Cat – All riders that can ride the qualifying time, or are not comfortable in A or B. Only shoes with cleats allowed.
  • D Cat – Youths and inexperienced riders with a slower time than C-category qualifying time. Flat pedals are allowed here


  • Apart from League racing, there are various coaches that offer training and coached sessions on a regular basis. Contact your commissioner for a list of coaches offering track intro courses.
  • We do have a pool of 15 development bikes available that may be used in official coached sessions and league racing, these need to be booked in advance. Some coaches also have a pool of bikes.


Only CSA members may partake in League Racing and all League races are CSA sanctioned events. Non-CSA members may partake in organised, coached sessions.


Track bookings and costs are available on the web site as well. Please go and read through this if you do plan to book the track for a training session.

  • Bookings can only be made by a CSA member who then takes full responsibility for that session.
  • There are costs involved to use the HNP facility, basically a Gate entry fee and Track fee will apply to all riders that use the track. There is the option to take an Annual/Season membership that will then cover all the gate and track fees for a rider and one assistant. Please go and read on the web site and contact your Track commissioner for more information.


Our racing Programme at HNP until July 2021.



National and International Racing Calendar.

The racing calendar has shifted a bit and may continue to shift as things change.

There may be one or two more National Series Grand Prix events added to the Calendar for Natal and WC this year.


The 2021 Track Calendar as it currently stands:

KZN Champs, PMB: 10-11 April (Open to other Provinces)

UCI Nations Cup: 13-16 May

UCI Nations Cup: 3-6 June

Gauteng Track Champs: 24-25 July

World Junior Champs Cairo: 01-05 September

SA Omnium Champs (Hector Norris):18 September

SA Track Champs: Cape Town 23-26 September

Masters World Champs: 2-9 October

Elite World Champs: 13-16 October

Joburg Grand Prix and Omnium: 4-5 December


Please feel free to contact me or your regional track commissioner should you have any questions or suggestions.

Eddie Roller

Track Commissioner Gauteng