Terms and Conditions – Effective 1 March 2021

  1. Track open times From 1 Feb 2021:
    • Mondays – Track Closed
    • Tuesdays – 08h00-19h00
    • Wednesdays – 12h00-19h00
    • Thursdays – 07h00-19h00
    • Fridays – 07h00-12h00 and 14h00-19h00
    • Saturdays – 08h00-19h00
    • Sundays – 08h00-19h00
  2. Track bookings can only be made by CSA members in good standing, CSA Registered Coaches or Clubs in good standing with their region.
  3. Non CSA members may only make use of the track under the supervision of a CSA registered
  4. The person or organisation making the booking is responsible for:
    • Rider safety and to ensure that all track rules are adhered to during the booked session.
    • Disclaimer/Waiver to be signed and placed in file before going on the track.
      • The waiver is valid for one year. 01 October to 30 September.
      • Youths also require a parental consent form.
    • That all Gate and Track fee payments for riders and support staff attending the session are made and entered into the relevant schedules.
      • Gate Fee schedule.(check season tickets are valid)
      • Track Fee schedule.(check season tickets are valid)
      • Motor Pacing Schedule.
  1. Safety:
    • There are no medical staff on duty at HNP or medical equipment available at HNP.
    • HNP facilities are used at own risk, Central Gauteng Cycling, HNP Management or any of our Staff or Sponsors do not accept liability for any form of loss or injury while using the facilities.
  2. Booking Process
  3. Bookings:
    • All bookings to be done online, 48 hours in advance at the bottom of this page
    • Open Track Booking -Any other track cyclist is allowed to also make use of the track for normal training activities. Max 2 hours per booking.
    • Group Booking Structured Group or club training programs (Max 2 hours)
      • If you are joining a coached/Group session, please ensure that you know what the session fee is and that you make payment to the coach.
      • Arrangements to share the track with group must be done in advance and will be at the discretion of the group coach. (Responsible person)
    • Closed Track Booking: (exclusive use of the track)
      • Motor pacing sessions (Max 2 hours)
      • Courses or events (half or full day)
    • Bookings will be indicated on the calendar as (Track Open), (Group) or (Track Closed).
  4. Track and road bikes are not to be on the track at the same time.
  5. Users of the track to try and accommodate each other for the good of the sport. Any incidents to be reported to your regional Track Commissioner.
  6. People that book slots and do not use them may forfeit the opportunity to book slots in future. Disclaimer/Waiver to be signed before going on the track.
  7. The final decision with regards to bookings remains with the HNP subcommittee.

Once approved, check the Bookings and Events Calendar page to ensure your booking was captured correctly.


  • Season Ticket (Year Oct – Sept)
    • The Season Ticket Covers:
      • Gate Fee for rider and 1 assistant/coach (Not on a bike)
      • Track Fee for one rider.
    • CSA Membership to be up to date at all times.
    • Season Ticket is rider specific and not transferable.
      • Adult – R 1000.00/Year
      • Youth & Junior – R 500.00/year
      • For 2021, a 50% discount on season tickets is offered.
      • From 3Rd Family member further 50% discount per rider.
      • To purchase a seasonal Pass please make payment to the following account with your CSA membership number and Season Pass as reference. Please pay separately per rider. Send POP to Treasurer@CGCycling.co.za
        • Central Gauteng Cycling
        • Standard Bank
        • Account No: 37 270 868 4
  • Gate Fee (for any person entering the facility)
    • Adults – R 10.00
    • Youth & Junior – R 5.00
  • Track Fee – Per Rider
    • All Open sessions
      • Adults – R 20.00
      • Youth & Junior – R 10.00
    • Group Sessions
      • Adults – R 20.00
      • Youth & Junior – R 10.00
    • Motor Pacing sessions (Closed)
      • Adults – R 50.00
      • Youth & Junior – R 30.00
    • Courses and events
      • ½ Day -Inc Clubhouse – R 500.00
      • Full day- Inc Clubhouse – R 1500.00
      • Club House Rental-only – R 150.00/Hour
    • Motor Pacing specific Costs
      • Own Motorcycle and Driver – NA
      • Derny, Driver and Fuel – R 150.00/Hour
    • Storage (All storage at HNP is done at own risk)
      • Container – Per arrangement
      • Storage Derny – R 1500.00/Year
      • Storage Bike – R 750.00/Year


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