It has come to our attention that SAPS are patrolling sporting facilities and enforcing restrictions a lot harder this lockdown and will not hesitate to close facilities that do not take the regulations seriously. The government gazette is sometimes vague and contradictory. There are many points that are open for interpretation and as such caution should be taken when approached by a duly appointed official. If they instruct you to cease use of the facility, do as instructed. Please treat officials with respect, we do not want to lose the use of the facility for all cyclists because today you are our self-appointed Rambo, or you know a guy that knows a lawyer.

Keep in mind that the patrolling officer and his superiors may not be aware of the cycling specific protocol that has been approved by the Minister of Sport. All documents are in our files on site, we have all the necessary documentation and permission from the relevant authorities, we need to keep it that way.

Also keep in mind that the CSA risk Mitigation document is subject to a number of other factors like having an approved Covid plan and is also subject to permission from the local authorities (City Council) to use the facility for training, this can be withdrawn at any moment.

Pilditch is not officially open for training.