Hector Norris Park Track Rules

  1. Hard shell helmets are compulsory.
  2. Riders doing specific sprint training have the right of way below the white line. Slower riders to keep high on the track to allow the faster riders through.
  3. Riders resting between sets must remain at the top of the track (above the white line) in order to give other riders space to operate.
  4. Rolling or resting at the bottom of the track is not permitted. Always ride in a straight, and predictable manner.
  5. Only cyclists, coaches, timekeepers and officials to make use of the centre of the track to avoid unnecessary traffic across the track during training, and racing sessions.
  6. Under no circumstances will children or pets be allowed in the middle of the track.
  7. Whilst motor pacing is under way, no other riders will be permitted on the track unless supervised and coaches agree that it is safe to share the track.
  8. No motor pacing to take place unless specifically requested, booked and approved.
  9. When track training session are in progress, no road bikes will be allowed on the track.
  10. Riders to refer to the timetable detailing track sessions and road bike/open sessions.
  11. A track coach/track commissioner will address riders on the necessary safety rules of the track during racing and/or training. This is important for all riders to note, regardless of the level of competence.
  12. It is imperative to foster all forms of cycling within our Province, in order to reduce personal injury and/or damage to equipment.

The above rules MUST be strictly adhered to for everyone’s safety.

Right of Admission Reserved

Hector Norris Park Track League Batching Guidelines

The aim of these guidelines is to create a system whereby:

  • Categories are sorted in such a manner that there is competitive racing in all categories.
  • A system by which outstanding young riders may be able to qualify to ride in faster categories than their peers. This, however, is not encouraged because we believe that racing against your peers develops racing skills.
  • There is a safe racing environment and system for new riders to get the track experience and work their way up to a faster category.
  • Riders are only allowed to join in the Saturday racing once they have attended a track intro course and a qualified coach agrees that they have the required skills.
  • No Rider will be permitted to enter a league race without a valid CSA membership.

The ultimate goal is to have a structure of at least three track categories that race on any given league day.

A Cat_          Selected experienced riders that can ride the qualifying time. Only shoes with cleats allowed.

B Cat_          Masters (not wanting to ride A Cat), Ladies that want to compete in the ladies league. Other riders that  can ride the qualifying time. Only shoes with cleats allowed.

C Cat_          All riders that can-not ride the qualifying time for A or B, or are not comfortable in A or B. Flat Pedals are allowed here..

  • In order to assist with placing riders in the relevant categories, an Individual Pursuit (IP) timing system was developed as a guideline. (See chart below)
  • Your IP time should determine in which category you should race.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of other riders in the category, should a new rider or a rider without an IP time be allowed to race in the A Cat.
  • A new rider should only be allowed into the B Cat with the consent of the Track Commission or Commissaire.  
  • It is recommended that there always be a C Category for slower and inexperienced riders to race in.
  • If an IP time is not available, the race organiser or commissaire may make the final call.
  • Youths must ride all timed events in the relevant restricted  gear for their age group as set out in the CSA Track cycling rules.

The Final call on category placings lies with the commissaire, or race organiser of the commissaire is not available on the day

League Batching Guidelines Cat A Cat B
Minimum qualification time based on speed 46Km/h 38Km/h
4000m IP 05:15 06:20
3000m IP 03:59 04:48
2000m IP 02:39 03:12
1500m IP NA 02:24