Hi Guys

While there has been no league racing yet this year, so much has been happening. The year kicked off with most of us stuck at home during lockdown. Thankfully Craig managed to get all the protocols in place and we could at least train at HNP and it has been a very busy time indeed.

For our Track Selectors the year kicked off early as they were thrown a curve ball  by a very late notice that CAC was going ahead and would be early in March. Congratulations to all the riders from Gauteng that got selected to go to Continental Champs, for some it came as a bit of a surprize and as usual there was a lot of last minute decision making that needed to happen. Gauteng is well presented and make up 50% of the team of 27 riders (At my last count). I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the riders good luck, I know you will all be returning with medals and memories. For the first timers, you guys have now joined a very special group of cyclists that have represented your country. From the number of track bookings I can see that there has been no shortage of training and final touches on your form before you leave for Cairo. I just love this time of the year when everyone gets energised by the talk of representing SA on the track, from the youths who are aspiring to follow in your footsteps to even the masters that will take any kind of motivation.

Although we have had no formal league racing, I have noticed a number of new faces in the various coached sessions, the word is getting out there that the track is where youths will find their form and grow their skills. Even the road and TT bike sessions have increased. The plan is to start with league racing from mid-March, getting the required permissions has proven rather difficult for race organisers this time round.
Back to the reality of our beloved Hector Norris Park. Our biggest challenge has always been to get HNP to a point where the track is self-sustaining and we were slowly making progress in that regard. Covid has however forced our hand a bit. With little to no racing, there is also not much income to the regions and we cannot rely on the regions to help fund the track any longer. We have been very fortunate with the increased numbers at league races in 2020, and that has helped a bit. Our current way of collecting gate and booking fees is also not working well for a number of reasons, and also does not encourage more regular use of the track.

After 3 brainstorming sessions (including one with Rajab) and a lot of time spent checking and crunching the numbers, we have developed a new fee structure for HNP that will be implemented from 1 March 2021.

With the change in fee structure we hope to get HNP to a point where it can sustain itself, or at the very least get very close to sustaining itself. The cost of running and maintaining the track is close to R15k per month, this includes Rajab’s salary and some maintenance. The lack of support from the City and limited resources has gotten us into a position where some maintenance cannot be postponed much longer. Some work has been conducted and almost R150k from donations and regional funds was spent on maintenance at HNP these last 3 years, but there is a lot more to be done.

Our lawnmower broke down just before Grand Prix and we have not had the funds to have it repaired,  thanks to various donations we should be able to repair the mower and cut the infield shortly, Rajab has been maintaining what he could with the brush cutter. Any donations for HNP maintenance will be much appreciated. We will most probably still be short this year because Covid will most certainly affect the number of league races and events that we can host. 

Donations can be made to:
Central Gauteng Cycling, 
Standard Bank, 
Account No: 37 270 868 4
Reference your name and HNP Donation. All donations will be ringfenced for HNP use only. Send POP to Treasurer@CGCycling.co.za

We have tried to minimise the impact on the regular users of the track and hope to increase the number of people that make use of the facility by introducing a season (Year) membership system. Users that do not purchase a season membership will however pay a bit more every time they use the track.

We would like to keep the booking system going, even after Covid and now make provision for 3 types of bookings.

  1. Open Bookings. Nothing much changes except that an additional Track fee will apply for riders that do not have season memberships.
  2. Group Bookings. Treated as a closed booking for groups of more than 4 riders. Track fee applies for individuals that do not have season memberships. No more fixed fee for closed group bookings.
  3. Closed bookings

Motor pacing – Track fees apply per rider for those that do not have season memberships. Derny and driver cost reduced.

Events – half day or full day use of the track etc.

Rajab will have a register of all regular track users that will indicate the person’s CSA membership status and if they have a Season membership.

We expect the coach or person making the booking to check that everyone in his group has a season membership or has paid the required gate and track fees, help Rajab with the collection of the money and to ensure that all payments and numbers are accurately recorded in the relevant registers. We rely on our coaches and senior members to be our ears and eyes on the ground.

We are still not sure how we are going to accommodate the development riders, currently they do pay gate fees. Marco will chat to the YTD commission and hopefully they can come up with a solution. Until we have a solution, everyone pays gate and track frees.

The main changes are:

Bookings – (please also read through the doc) Booking Document

Mondays – Track closed (Rajab must have at least one full day off per week)

Friday – Open most of the day. (Rajab mosque time 12h00-14h00)

Bookings now only need to be made 48 hours in advance and I know that Deon will assist at shorter notice, but please think of the other riders and coaches that are watching the calendar and need to plan their lives.


We have now introduced a season (Year) ticket that covers Gate Fees and track fees. Even if you only used the track for 6 months a year, twice a week, the season ticket could save you almost 30%

Your season ticket covers the gate fee for one assistant, parent etc.

Motor pacing “Track fees” are now payable per person and are covered by the season ticket if you have one.

Other motor pacing costs are now reduced to R150.00 per hour.

We Will be updating the guidelines on the web site on Monday morning. 

Fees Document